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Talking sex with Residency Road Escorts or learning about the internet is often interesting. Beyond the laughter and the very gravelly valves, and without doing in voyeurism, we can learn a lot. There is a way to discover things that were not considered, to discover new perspectives, and even why not give or receive advice.

As much advice from Escorts in Residency Road can sometimes be very wise, like “try to put a lot of lubricants, it will be much more pleasant” or “You’ve tried that? It’s great fun as much as they can sometimes be completely names.

Residency road Escorts

Residency road EscortsResidency road EscortResidency road Call Girls

  • “If you do not do that, your sex will not be complete or satisfying.”

This one is probably the most common useless advice. Pretend that sex is not successful and satisfying if one does not do a particular position or practice. Independent escorts in Residency Road will put things right once and for all, there is NO protocol for sex. Everyone lives it the way he wants, the way he wants, Residency Road Escorts regardless of how he “should do”. If you want to do something or try something, let’s go, if you do not feel like it, do not do it. It’s not more complicated than that.

 Call Girls in Residency roadEscorts in Residency roadEscort in Residency road

  • “To have an orgasm, it is absolutely necessary cunnilingus + doggy style + triple to dive”

Orgasm is the thing that Call girls in Residency Road seek more or less consciously to get during his legs parts in the air. A kind of Holy Grail of pleasure, with a real hard quest to finally reach it. According to your questions on the question, you will surely come to inform you, whether with friends or on the net Residency Road Escorts. And you will inevitably fall on a tip of the type “orgasmic magic formula “

, which explains to you that it is necessary to follow a very precise sequence Residency Road escorts with stages to be polished to finally know the orgasm. A bit like talking about a kata in a martial art.

Orgasm is far from mandatory, first, and secondly, there is no perfect way to get one: we are all different so we are not necessarily

Residency road Escorts 

 sensitive to the same things. Be attentive to your body and that of your girlfriend/boyfriend and do not worry about having one at all costs. Escort services in Residency Road pieces of advice that concentrate on pleasure without setting a goal, and just take the time to enjoy!

  • “Withdrawal is safe”

So not, but not at all! It is agreed that sex is better without a condom. More sensation, more intimacy. But provided you have been tested and take the pill or other means of contraception. Because the withdrawal is frankly very, very risky, not to say a big bullshit. First, you are no longer protected  Residency Road Escorts against infections or diseases. Two mucous membranes in contact = risk. Then it’s not easy at all to withdraw in time. Excitement, envy … All of these is risk factors.

Then, in the case of perfect realization, there is a risk of failure of 4% that is to say that there is a significant chance of fertilization, even in perfect circumstances. In reality, we are around 22% risk and more is often very frustrating for the guy. Frankly, in addition to often not being satisfying, it is very risky. Drop it, do you want?

  • “If you are a girl, you must suck. No guy will want you without that. “

Huge prejudice inherited from pornography. We come to believe that it is a must for any sexual relationship. First thing, not all guys like it. Well, the majority yes, but not all. Then there is NOTHING obligatory with sex, especially if you do not feel like it. Fellatio is a caress that we decide to offer his partner, but this is by no means a must. Escorts in Residency Road  Porn tries to make you think that if there is no blowjob, the relationship will stop there.

We’ve talked to you a lot about it, porn tells you as much about sex as your grandmother about dubstep. Drop that kind of clichés. Fellatio is just one of all the things that can give pleasure to the bed.

  • “Keep as long as possible, man!”

Another thing inherited from porn. The myth of the guy who keeps the rhythm for an hour and a half, while the girl tries to explode the windows with inhuman sound frequencies.

The goal is not to take his cock for a file, it calms down. Certainly, the guy who only “lasts” three minutes Residency Road Escorts, it can be frustrating. But there is no need for Olympic athlete endurance for the moment to be enjoyable.


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