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After all, if a man is satisfied himself and knows that he is satisfying his wife – in a sexual, sensual and intellectual sense,  Escorts In Sarjapur he will never even think that you can have fun somewhere on the side.

But if everything is not smooth in bed, then how can you talk to a man about sex? How to create the right environment? What can offend a man? How to formulate your thought so that your lover will understand you correctly?

  1. If you want to talk, invite him to some idyllic place. The most peaceful places in the world, in my opinion, are near the water. I found it easiest to talk with the Call girls in Sarjapur on the beach, where, wherever you look, just sand, ocean, and sky. Sand is earth; ocean – water; and the sky is the place where we all go when we leave this world. When there is nothing man-made around, peace is seized by man.

No one will quarrel on the ocean or, say, on the observation deck near Niagara Falls. Independent Escorts in Sarjapur There is no beach nearby? You can find a fountain, or just arrange everything in a hurry, light candles and invite a man to the bathroom.

This is much better than saying the threatening phrase “We need to talk!” Or something worse. Such “invitations” turn the conversation about what you want to get from a man in bed to a conversation of opponents preparing for a fight.

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  1. Start with compliments, and then go on to discuss what you do not like. If a man is not ready for criticism, he will be upset, angry or embarrassed, which means he will ignore the information about what he is doing right.

Try to pick the words as best you can; Let him surely hear that there are things that bring you pleasure.

If you give the conversation the necessary sequence, the partner will take note of the compliments in his address, draw the necessary conclusions and will more often do what you enjoy.

  1. Try to speak specifically. Explain to him as precisely as possible what you would like to change in the relationship from a physical, emotional and intellectual point of view. This will help you get tangible results.

Ask him also what he wants from you, so the conversation will not turn into a one-sided ultimatum. You need to understand that you can make mistakes, have advises from Independent escorts in Sarjapur.

If you ask him to say that, in his opinion, you are doing wrong, it will be easier for a man to open up and accept your list of requirements (although, of course, they should not be requirements, polite requests).

  • Give the conversation a revelation. Conversation with an open visor is a great way to negotiate. You can start by agreeing to the terms of the partner, in return for accepting your request: “Well, I am ready to put on the clothes you like three times a week. Could you decorate a room with lit candles and play romantic music before we begin the prelude? ” advised by Escorts in Sarjapur.

For sex, you can suffer? To which the Escorts in Sarjapur are ready in the name of love. Or something like that: “I will try to be more attentive and relaxed. May I ask you not to turn off the light when we go to bed? ”

  1. Make it so that the words do not differ from the deed. Immediately go to the bedroom, to the back seat of the car or to the ironing room in the mother’s house and proceed to what you have just discussed.

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There is nothing better than practical training from escorts in Sarjapur after a theoretical conversation. Starting the immediate execution of the plan, you get exactly what you asked for. Casanova, capable of in bed and bring to the frenzy. Rasputin, who, according to some sources, was the entree to the boudoirs of the most notable ladies. Allegedly, they were able to work hard for days for the partner to get an orgasm. This is the perfect option for you now.


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