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Proper male behavior can really make you very attractive and desirable. Escorts In Marathahalli But it does not in any way compensate for deficiencies in the bed. We have repeatedly observed how girls lose interest because of dissatisfaction in the intimate “part” of the relationship.

And you correctly understand that your position needs to be corrected right now until your relationship Escorts  in Marathahalli has passed the “point of no return”.

But before you improve the quality of sex with the Marathahalli escorts you need to understand and accept.

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Some important thoughts

Disagreements are absolutely all couples in love. But there is a difference between those problems that can be freely negotiated and come to a common opinion without straining and problems in intimate life. Shortcomings, crushed sigh on the sly and complaints to friends – this is the worst thing that can happen after troubles in bed with Escorts in Marathahalli (if only because she is too shy to tell you about it directly).

Usually, young Independent escorts in Marathahalli have an idea of successful and proper sex, which brings satisfaction to both partners, by two things – watching movies and telling friends.

It’s generally worth keeping silent about romantic (and erotic) films, it’s pretty far from reality, and the guys ’stories to each other over a glass of beer about their adventures are clearly exaggerated. Perhaps they just do not know how to improve the quality of sex, if they prefer to just talk about it, rather than do.

Do you remember the days when your girlfriend is inexplicably annoyed and throws herself at everyone and everything? Heard at least once the phrase in bed, “yes, honey, everything was fine,” said in a casual tone, followed by falling asleep back to back? So, I will please you-you are not alone!

No matter how many media (especially “rose-vanilla”) try to impose the view that in bed relations and cohabitation the bed is far from the main thing, it often leads to complete ruin (parting).

Firstly, sex is the main thing in the relationship between a boy and a girl (if only because otherwise the relationship would simply not be “invented”). And secondly, problems are almost never discussed among themselves.

You must understand: even if she says that she is satisfied with everything, then, most likely, this is not so (otherwise you would not feel it and did not ask yourself such a question).Escorts  in Marathahalli  And she, most likely, at first will continue to pretend that all is well (especially when you begin to apply the first advice).


How to improve the quality of sex: 5 tips

Council number 1

Talk to her about it! Ask, specify, offer, but just do not be silent.

Naturally, it is not necessary to begin an “exam” or a detailed interrogation before the process. If you make a discussion of a problem out of a conversation, then the right attitude will disappear for both.

Communication with Call girls in Marathahalli should be easy and positive. Play the role of a sort of insolent, who can easily offer vulgar things to her and not blush.

The main thing is to make your proposals confidently to one from Escorts  in Marathahalli as if you know that she will support your initiative 100%. At the same time pop-up “cockroaches” you can catch the tail and learn about its real preferences.

Council number 2

If the first step is successfully completed, the path to many interesting and interesting things is opened first of all for you! Not expected?

Offer to use various interesting accessories! If you discuss problems with her in bed, then you will feel Escorts  in Marathahalli much more relaxed in front of each other and will be able to share your innermost desires.

You do not believe in prejudices that only guys dream of dressing up in a policeman’s costume or tying a partner to a bed? Yes, the weaker sex loves these things worse than us (although often claim the opposite. It is necessary only to let her understand that it is normal to discuss, and at one fine moment, she herself will offer you some idea.

Council number 3

Remember that the erogenous zones do not all “work” equally. Someone has nipples, ankles, and neck, and someone, on the contrary, hates when they touch the nipples, and loves caressing earlobes. Therefore, again, if you frankly do not talk and do not know what she likes and what does not – you can easily be misled.


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